Volunteer and receive a free compost bin and equipment

Over a third of the rubbish thrown away in Norfolk could have been composted in home compost bins including garden pruning’s, fruit and vegetable peelings and pet bedding from vegetarian animals. Using a home compost bin is great for the environment and it’s good for your garden too. You can create a free compost product to use in your garden which saves you money compared to buying ready made compost.

Now it’s your chance to give home composting a go. Norfolk County Council are inviting households in Norfolk to start home composting for the first time and share your experiences with others in news articles about home composting which may include the Your Norfolk Magazine. You will receive a free home compost bin and equipment and expert help and advice to set up the compost bin in your garden and on the type of things you can collect to put in there.

Whether you’re first time buyers, a family with young children, or a couple approaching retirement that want to try something new, we want to hear from you! Three households will be selected to appear in composting articles and receive the free equipment and advice.
To apply to take part please fill in the details below by January 31st 2018.

Volunteer to try home composting