Relax and let us help you with Christmas

Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of full rubbish bins and overflowing packaging.

Here are our top tips to cut down your Christmas waste:

  • Advent calendars can be recycled just separate the plastic insert, any foil and the cardboard then recycle in your household recycling bin.
  • Batteries, all those toys seem to need hundreds! Try to use rechargeable batteries where possible. They can be taken to one of Norfolk County Council’s Main Recycling Centres or to one of many battery boxes in retail stores.
  • Unwanted Gifts, we’ve all received one! Why not try gift cards or buying experiences as presents and if you do get an unwanted gift you can always sell them on an online auction sites, such as eBay, or donate them to a charity shop or an online swap shop such as found on Facebook and other sites.  

Our social media pages will be giving you waste saving tips everyday in December, throughout the festive season and into New Year, why not follow us on Social Media? There are even some jolly Christmas tunes!

Your Christmas rubbish bins at home

With the Christmas holidays there may be changes to arrangements for your bin collections, remember to check with your local council about Christmas and New Year kerbside recycling and waste collection times.

Recycling Centres at Christmas

Over run with Christmas Waste? How big was that box those toys came in?! Don’t forget Norfolk’s recycling centres will be running normal opening hours over the festive period apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, when they will be closed.

No one wants to spend a lot of time at the recycling centre, especially when there are mince pies waiting to be eaten, so remember to sort your items such as wrapping paper & cards, packaging boxes, broken Christmas lights and your old Christmas tree into separate bags. Recycling centre staff will be on hand to help you to find the right place to put your waste.

For full information on opening hours, the wide range of items that can be taken to the sites, and details on the eight reuse shops – please visit our Recycling Centres page

Food waste at Christmas

Food, Food and more Food!

Here are our three top tips to help you make the most of your Christmas goodies:

Make room in the freezer

Start using up items from your freezer to make sure you have extra storage space. You can freeze leftovers, even gravy! To find out more about what can be frozen take a look at this link.

Make a list before doing your Christmas food shop

Check your store cupboard essentials before heading to the shops and try not to be lured in by special offers. Be brave and break with tradition, if nobody likes Sprouts buy another vegetable instead.

Plan, plan and plan again!

If you’ve got guests coming it’s even more essential to plan your meals. If you’re serving a starter and a dessert, why not reduce the portion sizes of the main meal to avoid wastage. With the best intentions there are bound to be leftovers so include them in your plans, here are some fantastic leftover recipes using up common Christmas foods like Stilton, Sprouts and Turkey.

If you’re like us and Granny just keeps on bringing out those box of biscuits, don’t forget than any surplus food can be taken to one of Norfolk’s Community Fridges and you can sign up to Olio, the food sharing app.

To make the most of the food you buy over the Christmas period check out the regular updates, tips and recipes on our Plan Eat Save social media pages:


How many Mince Pies are you going to eat this Christmas?

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  • None - I can't stand them!(18%)
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