Norfolk Waste Partnership

The Norfolk Waste Partnership (NWP) is made up of the County, District, Borough and City Councils working together to improve waste and recycling services across Norfolk.

The NWP has four strategic objectives:

  1. reduce the amount of waste generated per household
  2. increase the availability of waste reduction, reuse, repair and recycling activities
  3. ensuring residents and businesses understand the importance of waste as a resource and the range of opportunities for waste reduction, repair, reuse and recycling
  4. improve the cost performance of our waste collection, processing, treatment and disposal (per household in Norfolk)

These will be measured by:

  • a reduction in the cost of delivering waste collection and waste treatment/disposal services
  • a reduction in the total amount of waste generated

If you have any questions about your local waste and recycling collections please click on your councils’ logo below.

If you have any questions or wish to report an issue with the Recycle For Norfolk website, please click here.


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